Prendos Network Restructure and Rebuild

Overview The Situation The Solution The Outcome


Prendos is a New Zealand owned and operated building services company, headquartered in Auckland, with offices in Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Whangarei.

Foundation Partners constructs and delivers exceptional  IT infrastructure and services to the business.

The Situation

Prior to partnering with Foundation Partners, Prendos were experiencing an unacceptable amount of downtime related to their IT environment and infrastructure, making delivering a consistent experience to their customers difficult.

Faults, outages and exchange failures were becoming commonplace, and the business was looking to virtualise their network.

As a possible solution to the problems the business was experiencing, the incumbent IT provider had proposed replacing all the switches across the business’ locations.

As this was a significant investment, and Prendos weren't sure it would address the underlying issues contributing to their poor IT experience, they began to look elsewhere for other solutions.

The Solution

Foundation Partners was recommended to Prendos by a shared contact at New Zealand's leading back up and disaster recovery provider.

Within two days of meeting, Foundation Partners had architected a solution to totally restructure Prendos’ network, for the same price as the proposal from the incumbent to replace the switches.

The Outcome

Prendos appreciated the fact that Foundation Partners had listened to their needs, and suggested a solution that was in their best interests, not only for day-to-day business as usual IT performance, but also for future proofing and ensuring return on investment for the business’ IT infrastructure.

The results of the solution speak for themselves; “They completely re-engineered our environment overnight. We came into work one day and our speeds had doubled.”

By listening to the client needs, thinking practically about solutions and being realistic with cost expectations, Foundation Partners were able to not only completely redesign Prendos' network, but also improve the IT experience of the whole company.