PABX vs VOIP: A Rundown

Posted on 09 Jan 2019 | technology, voice

PABX vs VOIP: A Rundown

Business leaders often ask us about the impact of changing to VOIP in lieu of staying with the system they have.

Here’s our easy guide to the differences between PABX and VOIP and why VOIP is better.

1. Scale
PABX has a limited number of lines and ports within a system and moving offices requires an engineer visit to set up the system. VOIP is unlimited and can be set up in a new office without any technical expertise.

2. Portability
With PABX phone numbers are controlled by the physical exchange and all extensions have to be connected to your phone system in your office. With VOIP phone numbers from anywhere can be hosted centrally and extensions can use the internet to connect anywhere in the world.

3. Flexibility
Using PABX means new hardware and license upgrades, site visits and investment when new offices are opened. Changes and additions to VOIP are done by phone for no extra charge

4. Affordable
PABX demands a high initial outlay to cover hardware, cabling and implementation and there are many expensive charges transferring calls between sites and forwarding calls to mobiles. With VOIP the initial outlay is based on phones and internet connection with low call costs, free site to site calling and conference call costs reduced dramatically.